Western Australia's Mobile Bone Density Screening Service

About Osteoporosis Solutions (Australia)

Established in 1992 by consultant rheumatologist Dr Rob. Will, Osteoporosis Solutions Australia commits to providing the best possible service of testing and diagnosing Osteoporosis for both men and women of all ages. We provide clinically focused reports relevant to your ongoing management of the patient with or at risk of osteoporosis. Our mobile service (WA Mobile) was established in 1998 for the regional population of Western Australia.

Where do we visit?

WA Mobile currently travels as far north as Carnarvon, inland to Kalgoorlie and south to Esperance.

How often does WA Mobile visit?

Large towns such as Busselton, Kalgoorlie, Geraldton, Esperance, Merredin, Manjimup, Narrogin, Northam and Albany are visited on a regular basis throughout the year. Nearby towns are encouraged to send patients to these major centres.

Visiting Requirements

WA Mobile requires appointments be made for a minimum of 25 patients per day for 3 days prior to any visit. Upon receiving adequate numbers we are happy to visit any town within our designated travel distances. We are happy to consider travelling outside our travel range depending on support from local doctors.

WA Mobile VanWA Mobile Van

The scanning procedure

General appointments run for 15 minutes. We are happy to extend appointment times for any patient with mobility difficulties at no extra charge. Patients are asked if they will require extra time for their scan when they book an appointment with our call-centre.

Patients are able to remain fully clothed during the scan if they do not wear metal around the waist and hip area. (ie no jeans with pocket studs) The procedure is considered to be completely non-invasive and painless.

Van facilities

The van now has a comfortable waiting room and a ramp for patients access. Wheelchair access may be possible if the patients is able to stand and be helped by a carer.

WA Mobile is fitted with a GE LUNAR Prodigy PRIMO which scans patients using three anatomical sites; the lumbar spine (L1 - L4), the femur and the forearm.

WA Mobile Van, Waiting RoomWA Mobile Van, Scanning Equipment

Your patient's Medicare eligibility

All patients over the age of 70years who have never had a DEXA scan before will be bulk billed under the item number 12320 for their initial scan. Patients that had a T- Score from a previous BMD of -1.5 and above will also be eligible under this item number.

Patients aged 70 or older who had a T- Score from a previous BMD between -1.5 and -2.4, will be eligible for a DEXA scan every 2 years under medicare item number 12322.

Patients under 70years may be eligible for a Medicare rebate under the item numbers 12306, 12312, 12315 and 12321. Please see " Medicare Rebates" for a comprehensive list of all the relevant medical conditions associated with these Medicare item numbers.

Referral forms are available via our website www.osteoporosissolutions.com.au otherwise we are happy to provide you with hard copies upon request, call (08) 9472 1904.

Our reports

Reporting is run via our head office in Victoria Park, Perth. A clinically relevant report is provided to the referring doctor giving a patient's T-Score and Z-score as well as information and recommendations for the patient's disease management. Reports for patients receiving follow up scans with Osteoporosis Solutions include trending for the ongoing management of the patient's bone density.

Our Technicians

Our technicians participate in IN VIVO precision studies to help maintain a standard of accuracy for repeat scans. Western Australian legislation also requires that our DEXA technicians hold a health science degree and have successfully completed a course in radiation safety.

TELEHEALTH Video Conferencing is available with Dr Rob Will (Consultant Rheumatologist) in eligible areas.

Copies of Dr Rob Will's latest appendix 'Benefits and Side-Effects When Bisphosphonates are used to Treat Osteoporosis and Paget's Disease (8)' are available via our website. Upon request, we are happy to arrange for our technician to visit your offices and discuss the latest appendices with you. Previous appendices (1 - 7) are also available via the website.

WA Mobile Van


If you would like to arrange a visit with WA Mobile, or if you would like any further information and materials,  please phone Gerard Mondon on; (08) 9472 1904 or email gerardm@bdaus.com.au